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Kingdom ConAct

The Work & Worship Conference

October 25 - 27, 2019 | Hamburg

Kingdom ConAct 2019


Rev. Timo Plutschinski

Conference Chairman

Kingdom ConAct! It is our dream and desire to ACT together as CONnected leaders from businesses, churches and investment organizations for the Lord ́s KINGDOM.

In the past, the relationship between business and church has primarily been defined by the provision of financial resources from companies donated to churches.

And still many people view the traditional church as the only primary arena of spiritual formation and the only place for using and developing spiritual gifts. But the result of this mindset is that many of the 97 percent of Christians working in the marketplace worldwide can’t make their calling “fit” within the walls of churches.

This conference will discuss the most recent models of “Church-linked Co-work Centers”, “Christian Incubators”, “Spiritual Investments” and “Kingdom Companies” in order to rethink the relationship of business, church & investments and highlight the major opportunities for a closer collaboration.



Doug Spada

Founder and CEO of WorkLife, Inc.


Ralf Juhre

Founder and CEO of Ingenior & National Coordinator of WEA Business Coalition Germany


Timo Plutschinski

Evangelical theologian, strategic business consultant and a passionate networker

Portrait Júlia M. Profeta Johansson

Júlia M. Profeta Johansson

Impact investing and venture capital specialist, founder of JPJ Lab, Ella Impact, co-founder of Startup.Life Berlin

Mark Simon

Mark Simon

Serves as Board Chair for Commissioned and facilitates Strategic Operating Plans and strategic governance processes for enterprises.


Chris Conant

Founder of Monmouth Ventures, a private equity and venture fund for Kingdom-minded CEOs.


Christoph Jakob

Expert in financial affairs and specialist consultant in company rescue, insolvency and administration

Portrait Vishal Mangalwadi

Prof. Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi

Social reformer, political columnist, indian christian philosopher, writer


Revd. Dr. Richard Higginson

Formerly Director of Studies and Tutor in Ethics at Ridley


James Kramer

Co-founder Pneuma33 Creative, World Changer Magazine, World Changer Network and the Commissioned App.


Bernd Hanheiser

CEO and major shareholder of DIT Digital Innovation Technology Group